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3 Advantages of Modular Homes

Here at 1st Choice Home Centers, we know how important finding the right home is. If you are thinking of buying or building a home, you have a wealth of options to consider, and you naturally want to make the best choice for you and your family. In this article, we’ll be going over one of these options in more detail, and that option is modular homes. For those who don’t know, modular homes are an alternative to the traditional “stick-built” variety and are built in sections or modules away from the main construction site before being assembled on location. Keep reading to learn more about this type of home and three of its main advantages.

  • More Affordable. One of the main draws of modular homes is that they are frequently more affordable to construct than their traditional counterparts. Because each modular home is one of many being built by the same manufacturer, there are fewer costs associated with construction. Some estimates put modular homes at up to 15% cheaper than the stick-built variety, so they are a great option for getting your dream home without breaking the bank.
  • Faster Finish Time. Another advantage of modular homes is that they typically go up faster than those built with more traditional methods. Since the pieces are already sourced and prepared, there’s less waiting around for the next pieces to be delivered. This means that you’ll be able to move into your new home sooner and start creating the life you’ve been wanting. If this sounds appealing, we at 1st Choice Home Centers encourage you to give us a call to learn more.
  • High Quality. Early modular homes were often considered an inferior option, but over the years that reputation has changed as modular manufacturing techniques have improved. Today, many modular homes actually have superior quality and construction to stick-built counterparts–after all, each piece of a modular home was made in a factory setting under strict quality control, while traditional homes are built from scratch on site, and don’t have as many eyes inspecting them for adherence to proper standards.

We at 1st Choice Home Centers hope that this information has been helpful. If you have further questions about our modular homes, don’t hesitate to give us a call.