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Three Reasons Modular Homes Are the Way to Go

If you are considering you next home purchase, you may be lost in a sea of available homes. If none of the established houses you’ve seen are meeting your criteria, however, you may feel like you are running low on options. Then someone mentions modular homes, and you wonder if these types of homes actually have anything to offer. Are they really all that people say they can be? If you find yourself wondering whether modular homes might be a good fit, you’ll find these three reasons may be pretty convincing towards a positive viewpoint:

  1. Home Design – One of the major drawbacks of buying a home that has already been built is that the floorplan may not work for your family or your needs. But building a home from scratch is expensive and time-consuming, too. Modular homes give you the option to design your home how you want it without all the hassles and stress that come with buying or building a traditional house.
  2. Eco-Friendly – Did you know that modular homes are often made of eco-friendly materials, and the manufacturing process often achieves a reduced carbon footprint? If you are looking for home building solutions that don’t cost a lot of money while still achieving your green energy goals, modular homes can offer this advantage.
  3. Small & Large – You may have seen the trend towards smaller homes, but the idea of building a tiny house doesn’t appeal. What you may not know is that modular homes come in a variety of options for square-footage, so you can build your new home in the shape and size that you have imagined.

At 1st Choice Home Centers, we believe you’ll see all of the advantages modular homes have to offer when you visit with us, and we can’t wait to help you design the home of your dreams. Come by or call us today to get started!