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Modular Homes in Mocksville, North CarolinaModular homes are built off-site and in facilities before being moved and installed for homeowners. As a result of building these homes in a facility similar to a factory, they are built very efficiently and with less manpowered labor. Those of us building modular homes are also able to purchase materials at a significantly reduced price because of the high volume of bulk materials we’re constantly purchasing. These are a few of the reasons that modular homes are so much less expensive than homes built on-site. Affordability is one of the leading reasons for purchasing modular homes, and this has resulted in an increase in popularity.

At 1st Choice Home Centers, we offer a variety of designs and models to appeal to the wants and needs of each of our customers. Our models can include so many different amenities, including fireplaces, spacious rooms, walk-in closets, garages, multiple stories, porches, and decks. We also have models that include luxuries such as large and beautiful bathrooms, custom kitchens and cabinetry, sunrooms, and stainless steel appliances. Materials for flooring and countertops can also be customized for our customers.

As you’re involved in the home-buying process, make sure to review the details for each of our amazing and unique models. There are many advantages to choosing a modular home, and it’s important to be aware of choices that will help you be financially smart. Understanding the basics of modular homes will help you make a more informed decision about the options available to you when purchasing a home.