Shaking Off the Misconceptions about Modular Homes

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modular homesEven though the process of building modular homes takes less time, produces less construction waste, and is easier on the budget, the final product is anything but cheap-looking. That’s why proponents in the industry are keen to spread the word and shake off misconceptions.

According to this article, modular homes appraise the same, sometimes more, than stick-built homes. They are constructed with more materials in factories that have got the process down to an exact science, and they are incredibly strong.

Through efforts, led primarily by builders and manufacturers, misconceptions are steadily being transformed into better awareness. Seminars and classes are held to teach real estate professionals, consumers and builders about the environmental and economic benefits of modular homes. One erroneous criticism paints them as generic or cookie-cutter, but nothing could be farther from the truth. A well-made modular home won’t look any different to a conventional one.

Another thing that many people don’t realize is that the modular home industry is innately green. The factory-built process keeps lumber dry and free from mold, produces far less waste, and guarantees precision cuts that result in more energy-efficient, tighter-fitting buildings. This green quality is helping manufacturers of modular homes to promote their products to the growing numbers of savvy prospective buyers who are looking to own their dream homes.

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