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mobile homesThere are many advantages to buying mobile homes. They are less expensive than buying stick-built houses, and they give buyers the option of purchasing land that’s more valuable because less money is spent on the actual homes. On top of this, a mobile home is cheaper to maintain, and the notion that it will depreciate in value is not always true.

In fact, mobile homes on privately owned plots typically go up in value, especially if the land is in demand. In some desirable areas, you’ll actually find a predominance of mobile homes; near lakes for example, where people use them as retirement or vacation homes. Often, these places once seemed to be far away from metropolitan job centers, but with people now willing to commute on better and bigger highways, and more jobs in the outskirts of cities and far-flung suburbs, the value of these properties is increasing dramatically.

If you’re looking to buy a mobile home as a short-term investment strategy (5 years or less), you’ll probably be able to sell it for at least what you paid, provided you keep it in good shape. Used mobile homes will cost significantly less than new ones, so people looking for affordable dream homes will be more inclined to purchase a used one if it’s in good condition.
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