3 Reasons Why Mobile Homes are Gaining Popularity

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Here at 1st Choice Home Centers, we want to help you get the perfect home for you and your family. Something that may come as a surprise to you is that for many people, the perfect home is in fact a mobile home. Our team wants to give you the information you need to weigh all your options, so in this article, we’ll be exploring some of the reasons that mobile homes are becoming more popular.

more people are choosing mobile homes

  • Safety and Security. In the past, mobile homes were often considered to be less safe than their traditional counterparts, with many claiming that their designs made them fire traps, and others simply associating them with unsafe neighborhoods. Today’s mobile homes, however, have come a long way, and are equipped with a full complement of modern safety and security features. In addition, mobile home communities offer just about everything that a traditional neighborhood does–such as garbage collection and sewer lines–for lower rent and taxes.
  • Quick Build. Another reason that we at 1st Choice Home Centers believe more people are choosing mobile homes is that they take less time to build. Mobile homes are usually assembled in factories, meaning that weather conditions can’t slow down construction, and there’s less wait for material delivery. According to some manufacturers, you could start enjoying your new home in as little as three months–compare that to the year or longer common with traditional homes.
  • Value for Money. The third main reason that we at 1st Choice Home Centers believe mobile homes have seen a rise in popularity is that they offer more value for money than their stick-built counterparts. According to one calculation, the average cost per square foot for a typical, traditionally built home was $83.38, while the same cost for mobile homes was just $41.24. For many, this is too good of a deal to pass up, and they happily give up the extra space in order to save the money.