Correcting Common Myths About Mobile Homes

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We at 1st Choice Home Centers have been helping people find high-quality mobile homes for over 27 years. Over this time, we have come across a lot of misinformation and stereotypes about mobile homes, and we want to push back on these misconceptions. Keep reading to learn the truth behind some of the most common myths about mobile homes.

Correcting Common Myths About Mobile Homes

  • Mobile Homes are for Poor People – One of the most pervasive stereotypes about mobile homes is that only people too poor to afford better housing would live there. While it’s true mobile homes are a highly affordable housing option, this is not a bad thing, and many people choose to live in mobile homes even if they could afford to buy traditional ones. Whether a mobile home is right for you has more to do with your values and lifestyle than your finances—if you would rather spend your money on experiences than have a huge house, for instance, a mobile home may suit you.
  • Mobile Homes are Flimsy – Another idea people have about mobile homes is that they are made of weak, low-quality materials. While this may be true of some models, as it is for some traditional homes, it is not true of our mobile homes. We design our mobile homes to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, and we make sure they are built to last.
  • You Can’t Use Mobile Homes to Build Equity – A third wrong idea people believe about mobile homes is that you can’t use them to build equity the way you can with a traditional home. Fortunately, this is not true, and you can build long-term equity on a mobile home just as you can with a traditional house. Just make sure your mobile home is on land you own and is set up on a permanent foundation.