Manufactured Homes are Disrupting Home Construction

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Manufactured homes are gaining a cult following in the US, with countless prospective homeowners opting for prefab or modular homes when it comes to building a new home. The benefits of manufactured homes are endless – shorter building times, lower cost of production, stylish customization options, and a reduction in your ecological footprint; it’s a no brainer!

Manufactured Homes are Disrupting Home Construction

As manufactured homes are only growing in popularity, they’re disrupting the home construction industry, effectively turning it on its head. With the rise of urbanization and a trend for minimal design, companies are popping up all over the world and staking their claim in the prefab home area.

At 1st Choice Home Centers, we have over 27 years of experience in providing manufactured homes for people like you in the Statesville, NC area. Manufactured homes are built offsite in parts and then are transported and assembled onsite.

Manufactured homes are safer and more resilient than standard homes, thanks in part to the building requirements of construction around a chassis. This means that in case of extreme weather conditions, such as a hurricane, your family is safer in a manufactured home.

If you’re considering building a new home and are interested in learning what design options you have for these homes – and exactly how much money you can save with a manufactured home – call us today at 1st Choice Home Centers. We’ll answer any questions you have about customizing your prefab home to create the perfect family home that reflects your individual taste and style!