The Many Advantages of Manufactured Homes

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When you think of building a home, the typical image that may come to mind is seeing joists, framing and other pieces go up individually at a construction site. In this type of construction, the building materials are all exposed to the weather as the home gets built from the ground up. Another option that has grown in popularity is manufactured homes. Manufactured homes are created and built in sections at an indoor construction location. These sections are then transported to the home site and assembled to give beautiful results.

The Many Advantages of Manufactured Homes

Since manufactured homes are assembled indoors, the materials used are not exposed to the weather, reducing the likelihood of mold contamination and other issues such as warping and splintering that can occur with weather exposure and fluctuating temperatures. Since these homes need to be transported to their site, they are on a rigid frame that provides extra structural stability and integrity, and they have increased weather and wind specifications to ensure they hold up during transport. Because of this, manufactured homes can hold up better in adverse weather conditions than traditionally built homes.

Manufactured homes are also a more affordable option, coming in at about half the price of other home options. They are highly customizable and available more quickly than building on site. These homes are often more energy efficient and sturdy than other options as well.

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