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garages are a mish-mash of storage and car parking

For many of us, our garages are a mish-mash of storage and car parking. Instead of dreading what you see when you go out to your garage, what if you saw a functional and useable space that wasn’t there before? Here at 1stChoice Home Centers, we have a few unconventional ways for you to really utilize all that extra space your garage offers, none of which involve using it only for a car parking pod.

  • Auto Shop– Okay, so with this idea you might technically be bringing in your car, but it’s for different reasons besides parking! Turning your garage into a place where you can work on your cars with professional-grade tools close at hand makes car maintenance and repairs much more enjoyable.
  • Home Gym– Garages are perfect places for home gyms. Instead of having unsightly exercise equipment take all the space in your bedroom or living room, why not put it in the garage where you can really customize it? Garages are a fantastic option for a home gym because they are often cool, shaded, and private without distracting from the square footage of your home.
  • Theater Room– Do you love to watch movies, but don’t want to wake up the children? Theater room conversion for your garage can give you a large viewing area, seating and nice acoustics.
  • Dance Studio– When your little one loves to dance or do gymnastics, a garage and a few mats and balance beams are all you need to create your own at-home practice space.