What are the Advantages of Prefab Homes?

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If you are thinking of having a home custom built and designed, you might be weighing your options between a stick-built home and prefab home. A stick-built home is a traditionally constructed home whereas a prefab home is pre-built in sections. There are many reasons people are turning toward prefab homes. Here are some of the advantages of a prefab home.

What are the Advantages of Prefab Homes?

•  Prefab homes are better for the environment. A prefab home is more energy efficient and healthier than a stick-built home. Due to the way they are built and their high-quality windows, they insulate better and can help reduce your energy bills. A prefab home is a great option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

•  Prefab homes are constructed quicker. Since prefab homes don’t rely on a construction crew and materials, they are built much faster than a traditional home. Prefab homes are built in a factory and transported to the site for assembly.

•  Prefab homes are extremely durable. Since they are built to be transported, the parts of a prefab home are usually much stronger and more durable than a traditional home. Being built in a factory, prefab homes are also engineered with precision and inspected for high quality.

•  Prefab homes are more affordable. Because of the low labor and material costs, prefab homes are often a more affordable option for homeowners. It takes less time to build, and prefab homes are ready for you to move in, saving you time and money.