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Buying land can be a lot easier than buying a home. You don’t have to hire someone to check the home’s integrity, or make sure that it is livable. Instead, you can choose land in an area that you love or believe has promising features and not have to worry about costly repairs or fees. Here are five wise reasons to purchase land.

Five Wise Reasons to Purchase Land

  1. landLong-term investing. If you are interested in long-term investing, buying land is a great way to start. Unlike buying stocks, with which your money can go up and down, land will always be needed and in high demand. If you see an area that you believe will become more valuable for development in the future, purchasing it can be a great long-term investment.
  2. Short-term investing. When purchasing land for a short-term investment, you will need to do one of two things. Either you can buy land in an area that you know will soon be developed, or you can purchase land and build residential or commercial housing.
  3. Building your dream home. Sometimes the home of your dreams hasn’t been built yet. If you have been looking for a home that closely matches all of the things you have wished for, but have yet to find it, you do have the option of building it. Not only can you build your dream home, but also you can shop around for the perfect piece of land to build it on.
  4. Purchasing land is easy. As stated before, buying land is much easier than buying a home. It is also less expensive than purchasing land with a home on it, yet it has just as much potential as an investment.
  5. Developments are always expanding. Babies are born every day. Families are started or expanded, and housing needs to be built to comply with the growth. This means that you are almost guaranteed an investment when purchasing land that can later be used for commercial or residential properties.

If you would like more information on financing and purchasing land and are located in the Statesville, NC area, our team at 1st Choice Home Centers has the experience and resources to help. For more information, please contact us.