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Home DesignsDesigning a new manufactured home can be overwhelming. In the past, most manufactured homes were designed the same with very little change to floor plans. That is not the case today. Manufactured home designs are all different and unique, and there are many things you can choose to add. If you are having a difficult time with home designs, here are a few tips to help.

If you find home designs that are close to what you are looking for, you can start with those floorplans and change them around a little bit to completely customize them to your needs. For example, if the current plans have a U-shaped kitchen, but you are looking for a kitchen island, it may be possible to reconfigure the kitchen design to fit your wishes. Or, if the current home design has three bedrooms and a small laundry room, but you would like a bigger laundry room, it is possible to change the floorplan to have two bedrooms and a large laundry room. As long as the current floorplan has the space to switch things around, your goals are usually a possibility.

Manufactured home designs do not all need to have the same color scheme anymore, either. Picking out the color of cabinets, carpet, tile, laminate, and paint is a great way to really get a manufactured home that meets your idea of perfect. All interior elements can easily be changed to add your individual color preferences.

You also have many choices when adding on porches and garages to a manufactured home. These are great ways to really change the look of the home, so it does not look like other manufactured homes. You can add a long porch with a lot of sitting room, or an extra wide garage that can also act as a storage room.

If you are looking for beautiful home designs for manufactured homes, visit us today! We have several beautiful home designs to choose from that can be made to fit all of your design goals.