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What You Need To Know About Prefab Homes Before You Buy
Prefab homes, or modular homes that come as a kit, are a popular and quick way to build a home. Instead of hiring a contractor, waiting months for plan approvals, and even longer for the actual building of the home, many people are choosing to purchase prefab home kits. As with all large purchases, you should be aware of what you are buying, so here are some things to know about prefab homes before you buy.

Usually when people hear the term “modular home” they want to walk away. Modular homes are often connected to mobile homes, but they are in fact very different. Prefab homes are not mobile in any way. If you are thinking of purchasing a prefab home, your cost of the total home will be more than just the kit. When building a prefab home, you will have to also consider the cost of digging out for plumbing and for a foundation.

Prefab homes are just as strong as regular “stick built” homes. In 1992, a class five hurricane known as Hurricane Andrew swept through Dade County, Florida. Crews were sent to assess the damage of structures, and it was found that prefab housing developments had received little structural damage, and had even outperformed many of the homes with conventional framing.

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