3 Things to Know About Modular Homes

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Many homeowners dream of their custom-designed and -built home, but most do not have the time or budget needed to build their dream home. Modular homes are an excellent alternative to traditionally built homes, as they can save homeowners time and money while still fulfilling the dream of a custom-built home.

3 Things to Know About Modular Homes

If you are debating if a modular home is right for you, here are some things you should know.

  1. Modular Homes are High Quality. In recent years, modular home manufacturing has improved, and the quality of the homes has increased significantly. The process for building and constructing a modular home is always under intense scrutiny and quality control. Unlike traditional homes, modular homes are built off-site in sections and delivered to the site to be assembled. Because they are built in sections, the quality for each section can be highly inspected to give you the best quality home.
  2. Modular Homes are Built Fast. Unlike a traditional house that is built from scratch by a construction crew, a modular home is manufactured in a factory. Not only does this mean the quality will be flawless, but the home can be built and designed in a much shorter timeframe. With a modular home, there is no wait time for materials, weather delays, or other issues that might arise with a traditionally built home.
  3. Modular Homes are Cost Effective. Modular homes are less expensive and often more affordable than a traditional home. When it comes to the cost of a modular home there are no architect fees, permit fees are often lower, labor costs are significantly reduced, and there are no general contractor fees.

Ultimately, modular homes can be anywhere from 10-20% cheaper than a traditionally built home.

If you think a modular home is the right choice for you, reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and start designing your dream home right away.